Anish Kapoor – Momenta, Nef Du Grand Palais, Paris

Leviathan is a work that seeks to complicate architecture, it makes darkness of light and confronts the viewers expectations of form.’

Anish Kapoor

I recently stumbled across the most beautiful exhibition at the Grand Palais,Paris by Anish Kapoor. I am stunned that that I haven’t come across this work before now as it is one of the most exquisite exhibitions I have seen. Kapoor was invited to create a set specific monument at the Grand Palais, Paris where Kapoor created ‘Leviathan’, which was inspired by 17th century philosopher,Thomas Hobbs whose view of the state was that of a monster.Leviathan is recoiled from the First Testament and is a sea monster which guards the gates of hell.The artist stated;

My ambition is to create a space that responds to the height and luminosity of the nave of the Grand Palais.Visitors will be invited to walk inside the work,to immerse themselves in colour; and it will, I hope to be a contemplative and poetic experience.’

The experience begins with a glowing red sea monster which envelops  and almost swallows the visitor encompassing them in a womb like space,before walking through pods of brilliant sunlight where visitors are  unaware of of the space within.The visitor then enters the exhibition space in-between gigantic global spheres over 35m in height where the views can interweave between the elegant structures,almost becoming part of the sculpture.I find the space breathtaking and the artists concept of turning the building inside out is achieved in the most delicate and thoughtful manner.

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