OK You Got Style – Breaking the Trend

Seriously impressed! Guinness never fails to impress with its commercials and the latest one features a highly decorative group of men called sapeurs,  A subculture La Societé des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Élégantes, which translates loosely as the Society of Elegant Persons of the Congo. known as La Sape,the group have have emerged over the past 25 years in the Congolese district of Brazzaville.Dressed in colourful designer suits,kilts, top hats and tails these fashionistas are dressed to impress.Inspired by French fashions and heavily influenced by 1960s pop star Papa Wemba the men drape themselves in designer suits such as Armani Prada and Gucci and do not concern themselves with their heritage but want to create a look and style of their own. With swagger and style these men strive to look a million dollars at all times. Set alongside serious poverty it is perhaps surprising to see a group of men who are so outrageously stylish in comparison to the images that we often associate with Africa.The group is not wealthy however they are wealthy in spirit group spends as much on clothes as their income will allow and often work in second jobs to supplement their outfits and work in blue collared jobs such as farmers,miners and taxi drivers.They transform themselves after a hard days work into fabulous modern day dandies who believe in the uplifting  spirit of dressing well.To them it is the moral code that style and attitude count over wealth that matters but with so many sapeurs resorting to fake designer goods perhaps it is the man underneath the clothes which matter not the clothes themselves. As part of Guinesses ‘Made of More’ campaign which also features the  track ‘What Makes a Good Man’ by The Heavy, it shows inspirational people from around the world and was made by London Agency AMV BBDO.


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