Guzzini Masters of Design


More and more frequently I am coming across products designed by a Italian company  Guzzini. Adoring the retro futuristic shapes  and material I delved deeper into the history of the company Guzzini. Facinated by the shape and materials I have looked at how the brand  Guzzini came about and where they are today.

It all started in 1912 when Fratelli Guzzini rejected traditional materials such as wood, metal and glass and embraced the plastic revolution created a mini revolution in household objects.He produced well designed household products for everyday domestic use.He appealed to the masses In the 30’s a a new generation started manufacturing items using Plexiglas and through innovative deign and a curiosity for innovation they moved forward in the 1960s by using acrylics and injection moldings  and created new designs at the highest level. Harvey Creazioni was founded in the 50s and was named after the giant invisible rabbit Harvey from the James Stewart film of the same name  and  was a lighting division of Guzzini which then morphed into iGuzzini Illuminazione .The lighing division works with many top architects and win many industy awards.Today Guzzini is still futuristic in its design approach and experiment with new products in their Guzzini Lab and collabrate with world renown designers such as Ross Lovegrove to Ambragio Pozzi.


Albero - Pole-top applications iGuzzini

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