Oh Ted Baker, my lovely! A Branding Dream


Eccentric.Individual.Low profile.No advertising-ever.Interactive!OK so Ted Baker has caught my attention.Ted Baker is a quirky British lifestyle brand which is different to other high street stores due to its level of engagement with its target market.Based totally upon the fictitious character of ‘Ted’ the brands mantra is always ‘Would Ted do it that way? This philosophy flows through the very veins of Ted Baker.Ted’s very essence and personality is woven deep into the group where British heritage and eccentricity runs through every one of the stores, each store boasting its own identity as opposed to other bland retail identikit stores.


From it’s award winning store window displays( PLANarama ) to the colonial style high end interior, the customer knows what to expect from Ted.Individuality.Giant recessed circular light fittings, textured walls, leather club chairs through to glass encased till points, up-cycled tables through to Grandmas tea cups, the Manchester store has it all and is loosely based upon Alice in Wonderland, and the attention to detail is magnificent.Its London flagship stores contain more detail and the new Bluewater store has a ficticious village called Tedbury and boasts an apothecary, barbers shop, sweet shop and cake shop.The TB experience is all about engaging the customer experience and taking Mad Hatter style into a Ted filled world.


Ted Bakers world is vey fast paced and very street savvy and is always on the look out for new marketing campaigns to give them an edge.Only recently Ted Bakers profits soared due the emphasis they put on their store windows displays for the  Diamond Jubilee.The National and International stores all had a British theme and some stores were giving out lashings of ginger beer and some sported their own pearly King and Queen.The feel good factor combined with a patriotic revival made this campaign a complete success.

Ted’s founder Ray Kelvin, the nearest living thing to Ted himself, chose not to advertise the brand, even back in its infancy, but to spread the word via word of mouth, which is unusual in itself.That is not to say that TB brand is old school, far from it for it has an enormous internet presence and uses interactive marketing campaigns to charm the pants off the consumer.Rutting Season was an Autumn/Winter campaign where customers could come into store and pose in antlers sporting TB new season clothes, the photographs were then uploaded onto Facebook and viewers could vote for the winner.It gives the shopper a personal connection to the Ted Baker brand and harnessed the power of social media in order to create connections.One off events, digital initiatives,blogs, Facebook, Instagram Twitter, Ted is most definitely on the smart tech ball.



Ted it seems is never content and what I enjoy about the brand is that they are always looking at ways to stay ahead of the competition.I could have chosen an obscure and emerging company to talk about, yet I chose a High Street brand, but TB does it for me! A big personality entwined in every detail of the store from store fittings to marketing campaigns, you can bet your bottom dollar that the question was asked ‘Would Ted of done it like that’?And the reply would of course be yes!


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