M&S introduce ‘Shwapping” in collaboration with Oxfam

M&S have this week launched a fabulous new campaign entitled ‘Shwapping’ in partnership with Oxfam.Fronted by Joanna Lumley, the retailer wants to encourage customers to donate an unwanted item of clothing every time they purchase a new item.The concept is designed to stop the mass consumerism that today’s society consider normal and to become a more responsible  and sustainable retailer. Advertising will be used in conjunction with social media,QR codes and will allow shoppers to share their experiences online and will carry competions and prizes.

According to The Guardian one in four item ‘s of clothing end up in the bin,and M&S want to promote a new way of shopping where goods can be reused and sold on via Oxfam.Charity shops are totally dependant on donated goods and this is a healthy way to encourage people to perhaps shop less and give unwanted items away at the same time and a spokesman for the Charity Retail Association said that,

“We are encouraged to see a large commercial retailer making a concerted effort to reuse clothing through charity shops, and would like to see more of these partnerships taking place, with both small and large charity shop chains.

“The number one problem for charity shops is lack of donations … Working together with the corporate sector in this way may offer people an alternative, convenient route to donate to charity shops.”

We all consume far too any goods, far more than we actually need.David Ramsey, financial guru stated,

“We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like.”

And this is true of the society we live in and we need to think whether we really need an item before we buy it , however this is indeed a good compromise.Social Media makes retailers take sustainability seriously as every move they make is reported instantly and shared worldwide within hours. I like the way M&S are tackling this problem and I just hope that it isn’t just another case of greenwashing.













See the video here;

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