Vestiaire Collective – a new way of selling


I am loving the concept of Parisian based Vestiaire Collective who resell used and unwanted designer clothes, shoes and accessories  at a discounted price. Heavily scrutinised by experts the team behind the site choose only the most exclusive labels to sell online and guarantee against fake designer goods.

According to the Telegraph

‘some items sell within 20 seconds of appearing on the site, the second hand market is the tip of the iceberg.’

It shows that quality is the key to vintage, people are still label obsessed, but at least it is a sustainable way to shop and help stop mass consumerism.Goods are valued and prized and consumers are clamouring for cut price designer goods so for a bit of Parisian based chic check Vestiaire out!

Cult Parisian online fashion community, Vestiaire Collective, has just launched in the UK and we’re mega excited […] we’ve always wanted to emulate chic Parisian style and snap up designer items at affordable prices, and here’s our chance!” Cosmopolitan UK, March 2012




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One thought on “Vestiaire Collective – a new way of selling

  1. Hi there, I really liked the idea of Vestiaire Collective because it sounded like that it would give me a peace of mind by not to worry if the designer goods I bought are fake. So I bought a Givenchy wallet from them and it arrived today, this is my first purchase. To my disappointment, I quickly spotted that the wallet is 100% fake as the divider for the compartments are made from cheap cardboard paper then covered with nylon fabric and there is no country of origin embossed inside of the wallet, there is no zipper brand name at the back of the zipper either. I emailed them and asked for a full refund but haven’t heard anything back from them. I don’t want to resell the wallet on their website (apparently, you can resell the wallet for the same price you bought on their website if you don’t want it and yes, they will take a commission), I don’t want to sell the wallet to another person and pass it on as an authentic one, that’s just wrong. I waited for more than two weeks for the wallet so they withheld my money in their bank account for at least two weeks and still, the wallet turned out to be fake. This is not a spook message, i have the receipt and emails to prove it. Be warned, people!

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