Pinterest?Yes please!

I can’t express how much I love the file sharing site Pinterest. Pinterest a style led pin board has captured the imagination of its visitors and its UK growth alone has risen  nearly 200% to 727,000 between January to February.It drives traffic through to retail websites better than any other site and is in prime position for e commerce sales. Pinners collect and share their images by way of themed  pin boards and are shared worldwide.Yet 80% of activity is through repins where people re-post others pins,therefore sharing their most wanted images,over and over again.The fine line is that you connect to people through their passions whether thats weddings or recycling, and it captures peoples desires.It allows people to feel creative and to share their wish lists and that is where brands can tap into potential shoppers not via direct sales but creating a wish a desire, or dream via digital pinboards. Brands can connect with their target audience via pinboards which submerge the viewer deep into the brand identity rather than creating the hard sell online shop. Pinterest stands for our aspirations, our hopes, our goals, and Pinterest has you going back time after time to indulge your fantasies whether thats camper vans or DIY to inspire you all over again.

Check out Pinterest yourself on


or my good self on

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