The Hemingway Lecture, D&AD


I was recently privileged to attend a D&AD lecture by leading British designers Geraldine and Wayne Hemingway, against the stunning backdrop of the Harris Museum,Preston. Focused on their timeline of Red or Dead’s history, they also heavily promoted the concept of Brand and the importance of staying true to your brand values.Their tagline is true of many designers and that is to ‘improve things that matter in life,’ and asking questions to solve problems is a concept they have taken through to their current projects.

Having started from humble beginnings of selling second hand clothes on Camden Market they quickly rose to fame in the eighties with their outspoken and sometimes political designs.Having left Red or Dead behind they now focus on a wide variety of projects from Sustainable housing through to The Preston Guild 2012 they have retained their initial values of making things better and still focus on vintage and are the driving force behind  The Vintage Festival, Boughton House,Northamptonshire, an annual event focusing on Britain’s rich vintage heritage.Most excitingly, is that they mentoring the Vintage Guild Festival, Avenham Park,Preston focusing on Preston’s rich history,where memories will be made and remembered for years to come.I get the feeling that having made their name already in the design world they are now indulging themselves in their passions of collecting vintage,luckily that has been their passion and driving force throughout their career.Fabulous Lecture Mr & Mrs Hemingway.


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